Frequently Asked Questions

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What is omni-channel?

In a nutshell, think of breaking the boundaries of web and think of targeting your user anywhere, everywhere. With Inquirly, you can attract and engage with users from web, social media, mobile, store as well as those who are nearby.

What is monthly reach?

Monthly reach is the number of potential new and repeat customers you can reach out to with Inquirly. Our targeting is based on ever-changing customer locations and the most-probable digital ‘hangout’ zones.

What is 'do it for you'?

DIFY is our philosophy of enabling you through technology and taking care of mundane tasks such as posting on social media! We’ve built technology, and now we want to serve you with that, while you focus on running the other important aspects of your business.

What integrations do you offer?

We are happy to integrate Inquirly with any technology you use, or want to use. At this moment, we’re offering integrations with your website, ERPs, points of sale systems, CRMs and third party apps like Roadrunnr, Opinio, Goodbox etc.

What if I don't have hardware for nearby marketing?

We are happy to procure tablets and beacons for nearby marketing and engagement. However, hardware costs are extra and are not included in the pricing plans.

What are custom plans for enterprises?

Enterprise plans are best suited for businesses having multiple outlets and chains. Enterprise plans usually involve a lot of custom setup and custom integrations due to which, we request you to get in touch with us if you require custom plans.

Why do I need to pay a setup fee?

Every plan requires special attention and expertise to set up your account and onboard you into the Inquirly ecosystem. Account setup usually includes creating brand pages on social media, organising your customer data, configuring personalised messaging, setting up your team structures, defining alerts and handing you your CommandCenter dashboard.

How safe is my customer data?

We take privacy extremely seriously and won’t beat around the bush regarding this. All data is securely stored on our servers, and hidden far far away from the prying eyes of anyone outside your company or Inquirly. We also sign privacy and non-disclosure agreements to put a stamp on it.

How do I know which plan to choose?

Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Just schedule a call with a customer success manager from our team and we’ll help you choose a plan.

For anything else, call us on (91) 80 6888 8077

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