Inquirly for Health & Wellness

Spas, fitness and wellness centres are using Inquirly for announcements, lead generation and online customer engagement.

Attract New Customers

Inquirly provides the tools you need to market to local consumers in search of fitness and beauty services. One of the biggest challenges beauty salons and gyms face is growing their client base. With Inquirly, you have the power to expand your reach to new clients. With the internet and mobile in everyone’s pockets, customers have found so many more places to hang out, and not just your brand website. Inquirly helps you:

  • Update and maintain your social media and customer review profiles to build a great brand reputation and customer experience.
  • Use nearby marketing technology to find new customers near you and engage with them with personalized messages, offers & goodies.
  • Create engaging content that has a high word of mouth sharing value.
  • Enhance your discoverability by listing your business on mobile channels.
  • Organize your customer experience fulfillment workflows by creating sales, marketing & feedback pipelines.

Customer Relationships Made with Love

With Inquirly, your clients keep coming back for more. Inquirly helps you to retain more clients and build meaningful relationships. At Inquirly, we believe in ‘communication is key‘, and that each message needs to be personalized. We don’t believe in back-offices and want you to own the engagement with your customers. Inquirly helps your strengthen customer relationships and helps you:

  • Create a great content calendar with awesome content.
  • Respond to customer communication, be it from social media, feedback, reviews or any other listing forum.
  • Re-engage with customers by creating repeat campaigns and email newsletters.

Manage your Processes

At Inquirly, we believe that to excel at customer engagement, your spa/salon/gym processes need to be rock solid. And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t help you with that! Inquirly lets you:

  • Create pipelines of customer engagement via sales, marketing & feedback campaigns.
  • Build teams, roles and organisational structures.
  • Chat and collaborate within your team to serve your customers in the best possible fashion.
  • Move away from notebooks, registers and Excel sheets and get introduced to a new paradigm of business process management.

Inquirly has been helping health & wellness brands

Collect customer feedback automatically through multiple channels

Monitor reviews and comments on a realtime basis

Capture in-location leads through beacons and tablets

Engage omni-channel with PowerShare – the most complete content sharing suite

Manage sales, marketing & feedback pipelines

Get realtime alerts delivered right to your fingertips

Inquirly-happy Brands

Inquirly aided us in our customer engagement and pre-sales campaigns, and the team is great to work with.- Srileka Reddy, Marketing Director, Snap Fitness

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