About Inquirly Technologies Private Limited

Our mission is to bring about a local business revolution

Enable with technology, empower through technology

There has been a seismic shift in the power of customer and now they are more knowledgeable, demanding, empowered and diverse.  Omni-channels and several point and disconnected solutions have thrown ‘real’ businesses in a state of limbo. Brand Loyalty has been replaced by superficial tactics like discounts and bleeding offers. Businesses need to move beyond the limitations of traditional marketing, sales, and customer service to a continuous mode of relationship-building with the customer, based on listening to and engaging with individuals and communities in a more personalized, collaborative, and transparent manner. Omni-channel presence has never been more important for ‘real’ businesses but managing it effectively takes time, resources and expertise. Businesses need right set of tools and guidance to put the power back in their hands and help them serve the customer better.

This is where we come in.

With a combination of one of a kind technology, data-driven expertise and a world class team, our goal is to save time for these businesses through a unique ‘we do it for you’ model and enable businesses to build relationships to drive customer satisfaction, increase revenues and manage their Sales and Marketing workflows. And we do it all at a price that’s just right.

What We Do

We are a Software with a Service company, enabling businesses to attract new customers, retain existing ones and optimize their work flows to effectively manage the business processes.  We are the most complete Omni-channel  solution in the world  harnessing the full potential of Online (www), Social (FB, Twitter, LinkedIN), Mobile (Email, SMS, App) and Nearby solutions (Tablet, Beacons and QR code) as the extended Marketing and Customer Care team of our clients.

Our Technology

Technology is at the core of all our offerings which has enabled us to provide services at affordable price points and are able to achieve results for our customers. We have not only built in automation, actionable analytics and contextual intelligence to effectively manage the functions but the systems are also flexible to provide personalized experiences for different industry domains we cater to.

We Do It For You

We understand businesses like yours don’t have time to look beyond daily operations and, rightfully so, nor do you want the new-age economy take over what you do best. We’re there for you to just make sure your business is in your hands.

Our Philosophy

We want real businesses like yours to be empowered and enabled to keep up with the fast-paced economy. We believe the best way to help you do that is by giving you a unique blend of software and backed by the best brains guiding you.

Inquirly-Perfect Industires

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