How to Get Roofing Leads From Insurance Companies

Roofing contractor and insurance agent staying together

Whether your roofing business is located in the hurricane-prone region of Florida, or on the hailstorm-ravaged plains of Texas. Insurance companies can be your trusted and effective source of roofing leads. It is not a secret that over the last few years, the connection between roofing and insurance companies has grown increasingly, as more homeowners turn to their insurance providers for roof repair and replacement needs.

In this blog article, we will explain how roofing companies can get exclusive leads from insurance companies.

Role of an Insurance Company in a Roofing Business

Insurance agent searching for roofing contractors online

As part of the home maintenance and repair ecosystem, insurance companies play an important role, especially in areas prone to weather-related damages.

For example, when homeowners face roof damage due to events like storms, hail, or natural wear, they are most likely to turn to their property insurance providers ( Insurance companies ) and ask for coverage and assistance. This is where the role of insurance companies comes into play for roofing businesses.

When a claim is approved, the insurance company often recommends or selects roofing contractors to carry out the necessary repairs or replacements. This process creates a direct link between insurance providers and roofing businesses, offering a consistent source of work.

Moreover, working with insurance companies ensures that roofing businesses are engaging with clients who have guaranteed funding for their projects, thereby minimizing financial risks and uncertainties.

Therefore, establishing business relationships with insurance companies can lead to business growth for roofing contractors. It enables them to tap into a market of homeowners who are ready to undertake roofing work, backed by their insurance policies.

The partnership of roofing companies and insurance companies guarantees homeowners quality repairs. Because insurance companies typically vet contractors for quality and reliability.

Ways to Get Roofing Leads from Insurance Companies

Securing leads from insurance companies involves a multifaceted approach that combines relationship building, understanding the insurance process, and positioning your roofing business as a reliable partner. Here’s how you can effectively tap into this valuable lead source:

Develop Professional Relationships with Insurance Agents and Adjusters

The first step is to build professional relationships with key insurance personnel, such as agents and adjusters. These individuals are often the decision-makers or influencers when it comes to recommending roofing contractors.

Regular interaction with insurance agents and adjusters is crucial. Attend industry events, join local business associations, and participate in community activities where you might meet insurance professionals.

Offer services that can help insurance agents and adjusters, like quick assessments or estimates for damaged roofs.

Understand the Insurance Claims Process

Familiarize yourself with the insurance claims process for roofing repairs and replacements. Understand the typical procedures, timelines, and documentation required.

Position your business as a knowledgeable resource in the insurance claims process. This can involve assisting homeowners in understanding their policy coverage and guiding them through the claims process.

Get Certified and Stay Compliant

Insurance companies prefer working with certified and compliant roofing businesses. Obtain relevant certifications in your field and ensure your business adheres to industry standards and regulations. This not only builds trust with insurance companies but also demonstrates your commitment to quality and professionalism.

Showcase Past Works

Create a portfolio of completed projects, especially those involving insurance work. Highlight your ability to complete projects on time, within budget, and to a high standard. Additionally, encourage satisfied customers, especially those from insurance jobs, to leave positive reviews online. This enhances your reputation and visibility to insurance companies looking for reliable contractors.

Offer Excellent Customer Service and Work Quality

Ultimately, the quality of your work and customer service speaks volumes. High customer satisfaction and top-notch roofing services will lead to positive reviews and referrals. Insurance companies are more likely to recommend contractors who have a proven track record of satisfying clients and effectively managing roofing projects.

Ensure That Insurance Companies Can Find You Online

Make sure that your roofing business is on top of Google search results. Optimize your website for search engines with keywords related to roofing and insurance work.

Regularly update your site with informative content about roofing repairs, insurance claims, and your work process. All this can increase your visibility to both homeowners and insurance companies.

Stay Informed and Adapt

The insurance and roofing industries are constantly evolving. Stay informed about the latest trends, policy changes, and industry standards. Being adaptable and knowledgeable makes your business an attractive partner for insurance companies, who value contractors who are up-to-date and responsive to changes in the field.


Building relationships with insurance companies can be a transformative strategy for any roofing business looking to expand its client base and increase revenue. Remember that this journey is about building trust and showcasing expertise.