Inbound Phone Leads: 6 Best Practices To Improve Conversion Rate

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For the majority of professional restoration companies, live inbound phone calls are the most effective lead source and provide the best opportunity to display excellent customer service. Phone calls can be the lifeblood of restoration companies. For this reason alone, you should focus on strategies to improve phone conversion rates. Compared to other methods of communication, telephone calls offer a higher return on investment and allow for more personal interaction. 

As a result, many businesses rely on inbound calls as a key part of their operations. For employees, this means that answering phone calls is an important part of the job. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to answer professionally and communicate properly in order to make a good impression, schedule an appointment, and increase the chances of closing a sale. In this article, we will discuss best practices that can help you and your team improve your communication and drastically increase your conversion rate. 

6 Best Practices To Improve Conversion Rate

1. Answer the Phone Professionally

Many customer service experts will tell you that the way you answer the phone is just as important as the way you handle the rest of the call. In fact, according to some studies, your chances of converting a customer increase dramatically if you start off the call on a professional, polite note. While there are different techniques you can use to answer the phone professionally, some of the basics include: introducing yourself and your company, maintaining a friendly tone, using proper grammar, and avoiding any personal distractions. By taking the time to ensure that your phone manner is up to par, you will establish trust and build a strong relationship with your customers. Just answering with “hello?” can be the biggest mistake you can make. 

2. Give an Appropriate Greeting

While the standard “Hello?” greeting is common when answering your personal phone, businesses should want to offer a more specialized greeting when answering the phone for their organization. For instance, you should always state the name of your organization, introduce yourself by name, and ask how you might help the caller on the line. This type of greeting conveys that you are ready and willing to help, and it also provides the caller with important information about whom they are speaking. In some cases, such as when a caller is seeking customer service or support, this type of greeting can make all the difference. So next time you pick up the phone, take a moment to consider what type of greeting would be most appropriate for your situation.

3. Answer the Phone by the Fourth Ring

Answering the phone promptly is a small courtesy that can make a big impression. It shows that you value the caller’s time and are ready to help them in a timely manner.  Answering the phone quickly is a key customer service technique that will help your business build rapport and trust, establish credibility, and show that you’re invested in providing a positive customer experience. Moreover, research has shown that customer service is a major factor in customer retention and conversion rates. In other words, professional, timely phone answering can have a significant impact on your organization’s bottom line.

4. Pick Up the Phone

This is the easiest tip to enact in your business. If you want more water damage jobs, just answer the phone. Believe it or not, one of the most common phone mistakes is not answering the phone. This can be a costly mistake, as it can lead to missed appointments, lost customers, and decreased profit. When you don’t answer the phone, you’re essentially saying that you’re not available to help your customers. This can damage your reputation and make it difficult to build trust with new prospects. To avoid this, you should always have someone available to answer the phone. This way, you can ensure that your customers always have a positive experience and that you’re always available to help them.

5. Have a Positive Attitude

It’s important to always remain positive when speaking with clients over the phone, no matter what challenges they may present. A positive tone can help to reassure the caller and alleviate any confusion or frustration they may be feeling. Customers calling for water damage remediation or removal are most likely not having the best day. By staying positive throughout the entire call, you can put the caller in a better mood and more receptive to working with you to solve any problems they may have. Additionally, positivity on your part can help to build rapport with the caller and create a more favorable impression of your company. So next time you’re on the phone with a client, remember to keep things positive and you’ll be sure to have a successful interaction.

6. Address Location Concerns

When a potential customer calls, they may ask where your business is located and if you serve the area. It’s important to let them know that you are locally owned and operated, and that you serve a wide area. You can also tell them that you’re happy to come out right then to offer a free estimate. The key is to make sure they know you’re available now and that you provide quick, professional service. 

Can You Hear High-Value Water Damage Jobs Calling Your Name?

By following the simple tips we’ve outlined, you are sure to improve phone conversions. Never forget to ensure that your phone skills are top-notch and that your customers always have a positive experience when speaking to you. You are a master and professional within your industry – your phone skills should be just as sharp. Remember, it’s not just about having the right answers – it’s also about taking care of your customer base by providing them with excellent service. Are you ready to start impressing your clients and building long-lasting relationships? Make sure to put these tips into practice today!

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