Inquirly is About Return on Investment

return on investment

Are you looking for high-quality, high-converting home service leads? With an average return on investment of 8.5% and no overhead or start-up fees, Inquirly is well-positioned to revolutionize lead generation for you and your business.

Inquiry is all about exclusive restoration leads only. Thus, we generate high-quality leads for restoration services like: 

Why Inquirly for Return on Investment?

Dynamic Pricing

With dynamic pricing, you choose how much you pay. So, as your business grows, so can your investment; with an industry-leading 8.5% average ROI, it won’t take long to start seeing impressive results.

Define your Audience

Our portfolio of websites delivers a range of leads across the United States. By working with our account managers, you can define your target audience in order to further tailor the interest that you receive.

Carefully Curated Leads

By focussing on the quality of the home restoration leads that we provide, we are able to deliver high-converting leads to our clients. With an average conversion rate of 60%, business growth is all but guaranteed through our service.

Consistent Revenue Growth

With the average client receiving 10 high-quality leads each month, you can rely on consistent revenue growth as you plan for the future of your business.

Measurable ROI

Access to our individual client portal allows for detailed tracking of your return on investment with Inquirly.

Ready to Grow Your Home Service Restoration Business?

If you are looking for an effective way to generate more leads and grow your restoration business, Inquirly is the solution for you. 

Contact us today and learn more about our services and how we can help you generate exclusive leads only.