Onboarding Instructions

Onboarding Instructions

To access your lead portal, go to https://inquirly.leadspedia.net/advertiser/index.html and login using your personal username and password. You may login here any time to access billing info, leads history, calls history, transaction reports, and much more.

Instructions to Fund Your Account:

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Select your name at the top right of screen and select the dropdown menu item “Credit Cards”
  3. Click “+Add Card” in the center right of screen and enter your billing info
  4. Once a card is entered, the Add Card button will be replaced with a label and button that says $0.00 Credit “+”. Click the “+” button and enter your initial deposit (the amount of your most expensive lead type).

Pause / Activate Your Account

Accounts are often set to Pause during onboarding. One final step new buyers is to toggle the Active/Paused setting to Active to enable your account to receive leads and calls.

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Select your name in the top right navigation –> Select the menu item “Resume Account”/“Pause Account” – Once active, records will route to your distribution as long as the account has positive funds
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