Roofing Billboards Ideas in 2024

roofing billboard ideas

In the extremely competitive roofing sector in the United States, simply delivering high-quality roofing services is insufficient for advertising your company. To succeed, you must attract potential clients’ attention. Advertising platforms such as roofing billboards play an important role in increasing brand visibility and driving more customers.

Did you know that 71% of people pay attention to billboards while driving? That’s a lot of potential customers noticing your roofing business as they go about their day.

In this article, we show you how a simple billboard can make a big impact on your roofing business and how to apply billboard advertising to reach more customers and expand your brand.

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Benefits of Roofing Billboard Ads

Using billboards to promote your roofing business is a smart investment that can help you attract new customers and grow your brand in 2024. There are several benefits of applying those ads, such as:

  • Increase Brand Visibility – A well-designed billboard can raise awareness of your roofing company and make it easier to be recognized by prospective consumers.
  • Brand Identity – by strategically using logos, colors and messages, billboards portray the basis of your company, its values and its unique selling qualities.
  • Cost-Effective Advertising – Unlike other forms of advertising that require continuous investment, once built, your billboard will promote your brand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Power of Visual Advertising

Statistics say that billboards make up 66% of total outdoor advertising revenue in the U.S. This means they’re extremely important for putting messages out there! Numbers show how effective billboards can be in reaching a large number of people. Billboards strategically placed in high-traffic areas, such as highways and city centers, are an excellent way to get your roofing company noticed by a big audience.

Roofing Billboard as a Marketing Strategy

Billboards are visually appealing, distinctive and have a broad reach. Integrating them into your marketing strategy will boost your roofing company’s visibility and growth. You can increase awareness of your roofing services and drive traffic to your business while also getting a high return on investment (ROI) compared to other types of advertising.

Overall, integrating billboards into your marketing strategy can help you promote a new service and demonstrate your expertise.

3 Most Creative Billboard Ideas For Roofers

To ensure the effectiveness of billboard advertising for roofing companies, it’s crucial to choose a style that connects with the target audience. Here are three widely successful billboard styles in the roofing industry:

1. Humorous Billboard

Statistics say, 56% of billboard viewers shared something funny they saw on a billboard with someone else. It highlights the social currency and word-of-mouth potential of these advertisements.

Create a comic billboard for the roofing sector using a playful scenario or smart tagline. This approach not only catches attention but also represents your company’s personality and expertise in an ‘informal’ and more friendly manner.

2. 3D Billboard

3D style roofing billboard idea

Create a three-dimensional billboard featuring a realistic image of a house with a dynamic roof. This eye-catching display will stand out from standard flat billboards and leave a lasting impact on visitors. You can use materials that resemble tiles or metal to add texture and depth and make it more realistic.

3. Visual Progress

roofing billboard idea that showcases before and after

Create a billboard that shows the transformation of a roof over time. Begin with an old, worn-out roof, then gradually present the process of removing the old roofing materials and replacing them. This demonstrates the desired before-and-after results. The dynamic display captures attention and generates interest among viewers, pushing them to consider investing in quality roofing solutions for their own homes.

Colors and Visuals

When it comes to color and visual appeal in billboard design, there are a few rules to follow to ensure maximum impact.

✅ Use High-Contrast Colors to guarantee visibility even from a distance, use colors that align with your branding to maintain consistency and reinforce brand identity. The text should be large, clear and easy to read.

❌ Too many bright colors can be overwhelming and hard on the eyes. Irrelevant images and small, decorative texts, make it challenging for people to read the message or contact information.

Typography and Readability

✅ Select clear and readable fonts. Make sure that the text is large enough to be easily read from afar. Keep the text brief. Select colors for the text and background that offer strong contrast.

❌ Avoid too decorative fonts. Don’t use small fonts either, since they are almost impossible to read. Don’t overfill the billboard with too much text or information, as this can overwhelm viewers.


Billboards have only a few seconds to capture passersby’s attention, that’s why message clarity and simplicity are very important.

✅ Keep it short. focus on the most important aspects of your message that are straight to the point. Highlight Key Benefits and use action words to encourage engagement. Make sure that contact information is also displayed to make your roofing business more user-friendly and easily reachable.

❌ Avoid jargon and any technical terms. Don’t overcomplicate and keep your message simple. Also, try to minimize distractions like a busy background.


In this article, we’ve explored the effectiveness of roofing billboard advertising in generating leads and building brand identity. It’s clear that in today’s marketing, where digital and traditional methods coexist, well-designed billboards play an important part in driving growth for roofing companies.