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Types and Costs of Roofing Business Insurance in 2024

Costs of Roofing Business Insurance

Have you just started your own roofing business and want to make sure it’s protected from potential issues? Roofing Business Insurance, as simple as that, is what keeps the company strong and secure. 

Roofing Business Insurance protects you against challenges like injuries and accidents and gives you a guarantee when things go south. Insurance isn’t just protection, it is a safety plan, ensuring both you and your business stay secure and thriving.

You can work without worrying about what-ifs because insurance has your back.

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5 Types of Insurance for Your Roofing Company

  1. General Liability Insurance for Roofers
  2. Commercial Property Insurance
  3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  4. Commercial Auto Insurance
  5. Professional Liability Insurance

Wondering what are the average costs of each Roofing Business Insurance? We will break it down in this article.

1. General Liability Insurance for Roofers

General liability insurance is the main policy for roofing companies. It provides broad protection against various risks and liabilities that can arise in the roofing industry. This insurance covers:

Bodily Injury – coverage guarantees the safety of individuals in your roofing domain. Whether it’s a client inspecting your worksite or a passerby near your project, in case an accident occurs, both medical costs and potential legal complications are fully handled by general liability insurance.

Property Damage – warranty ensures that if an unanticipated incident damages a client’s property, your company will not be responsible for the repair costs, maintaining your reputation as a trustworthy roofing provider.

Advertising Injury – If a competitor claims that your advertisements have harmed their reputation, this component can help you avoid legal issues. It ensures that your company’s reputation remains positive, even in the heat of verbal disagreements in the roofing industry.

Coverage Amount: $1 million per occurrence

Cost on Average: $200-$600/month

General liability insurance is a key risk-management tool. Obtaining it is necessary for keeping your roofing business secure and reliable.

2. Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance protects the physical assets and properties owned by the company. This coverage is designed especially to protect against financial harm caused by the loss or damage to business properties. It involves maintaining your office space, tools, equipment, supplies, and other elements that make up your business property.

This protection covers incidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters like storms or hail. 

Cost on Average: $30-$70/month

3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Insurance for workers’ compensation is an essential protection mechanism for businesses and workers alike. It covers medical expenses and provides partial wage replacement for employees who are injured or become ill due to work-related activities.

In cases of long-term disability or death, it offers disability benefits and financial support to the employee’s dependents. 

This insurance is often mandatory for employers and helps them to maintain a secure and supportive work environment.

Cost on Average: $250/month

4. Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is targeted according to the specific risks of roofing operations. Coverage includes everything from accidents to theft and weather-related damage. This insurance ensures that your work vehicles, which are important assets for your business, are protected on the road, so you can feel secure and worry less about unexpected setbacks. 

When purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance, make sure your coverage complies with your state’s rules. It’s essential to keep things simple and legal for your roofing business.

Coverage Amount: $1 million

Cost on Average: $175/month

5. Professional Roofing Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance offers financial protection in the face of legal challenges related to the quality of roofing work. This insurance covers legal defense costs and potential settlements if a client raises concerns about the adequacy or standard of the roofing services provided by your company.

Cost on Average: $75/month

Key Aspects of Roofing Business Insurance Costs

The cost of insurance for roofing businesses can depend on various factors, such as the type and level of coverage, business size, location, claims history, risk assessment, safety measures, deductibles, coverage limits, experience, industry trends, and the choice of insurance provider.

Evaluating these aspects helps determine the premiums and ensures that the selected coverage aligns with the roofing business’s needs and budget.

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Starting a roofing business comes with its challenges, and securing the right insurance is crucial for long-term success.
The article highlights five crucial insurance types for roofing companies, underscoring their importance in providing extensive coverage against potential risks and unexpected events.

Prioritizing these insurances allows companies to strengthen their stability and protect their reputation in a world of potential threats.